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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dear Debator

oh, dear debator-

the foolishness is this:
its not whether or not another believes or does not believe in God
or X, Y, Z-

its not whether or not another is open minded enough to see the very truth of what you are seeing-

its, how do you get across to another, who has closed his mind, the very truth of what you are seeing?

you should have seen by now, that which you resist, persists

END your debate*, and you will get across to the other, the very TRUTH of what you see!

but if you choose not to, then you have made the heart of the debate, "rightness", into that God which you have put above all others...

"So what" you ask?

yes, so what...?


after reading this very good post
and watching this excellently done video:

still, its not enough to see the truth-
its not possible to "have" the truth-
one must be the truth, to have it make a difference

and the truth of an open mind is so much greater
than being right


not to mention, when you end your debate, you might just see something that the other WAS seeing rightly, and you had been missing...


ETA (after watching this wonderful video)
*here, by debate I mean at its essence, the insistence on the primacy of the us/them - agree/disagree mind

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