I have friends who are Quakers, friends who are Unitarian Universalists, friends who Dialogue in the Bohmian tradition, friends who are Mystics, friends who are Poets, and so many other friends who live lives of wisdom and wonder... this is my account of the meeting with these friends...

Friday, November 14, 2008

the company of those

"Keep the company of those who seek the truth, and run from those who have found it"
~Vaclav Havel

"Trust those who seek the truth. Beware of those who have found it"
~Andre Gide

"Grant me the company of those who seek the truth. And God deliver me from those who have found it"
~Isaac Newton.


(edit added: oh dear, now that Ive been linked to, I had better clean up my act! The above quotes will show up with several entries each if searched in Google, however I should have qualified with "attributed to" before each of the authors mentioned- I dont have hard facts on them, however Ive known that Gide had said something to this effect for many years... prior to the advent of the internet even :)

also, it should be mentioned, these were gathered by me for a comment left on Will's blog, along with the statement: "My religion is Inquiry, my faith is in meeting the other in THIS moment, my worship is the Dialogue that ensues...")

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