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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Word as Prayer

Sometimes, a word arrives as a prayer... it just comes, like, in the form of an inquiry lets say... and then to ponder that word, "contemplate" it (lit: con- "to, before" + temple- "to bring before the temple")

to see all the ways in which a word can be taken- to see the ways in which it is judged, "good" or "bad"

to go and learn how the word came into being, what its roots are, and where it might have changed meaning... the etymologies of words are very sacred things to me... like the DNA of language- etymologies carry meanings and sufferings and joyousness from the ages through to this very moment of my coming upon the word...

its in this way, a word is a prayer for me...

todays prayer for instance:


How does God view irreverence?
can God himself be irreverent?
is it ok to be irreverent with God?
maybe God wants me to be play at being irreverent with Him, and most reverent with his children?

see? - just a word, and Prayer in the form of Inquiry comes and floods this Temple...


Anonymous said...

I think the etymology, contemplation and appreciation of individual words is one of the greatest tools in spiritual and intellectual growth. Not only does a word begin to represent a particular thing, but by its nature it also excludes so much else!

Thus, I probably fumble, make apologies for, feel impotent using, and reluctantly use to word "God" more than any other.

Better, silence; and the touch of ruach, the smell of virtually anything, and someone else's eyes.

And "irreverent"- that's describes the activity in most churches on a weekly basis, doesn't it? ???

Good thoughts in your blog..lots of them! When I remember how to link another blog to my own, I will..

Tom said...

Thanks for the comment... it means much to me!

We know each other from elsewhere I believe- and Ive contacted you there to confirm... but in case Im mistaken, Im sorry for the delay in my follow up to your comment... I certainly mean to acknowledge every commenter to my postings here...