I have friends who are Quakers, friends who are Unitarian Universalists, friends who Dialogue in the Bohmian tradition, friends who are Mystics, friends who are Poets, and so many other friends who live lives of wisdom and wonder... this is my account of the meeting with these friends...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dont Know Mind

How Can You Stand Not Knowing? is a nice sermon by a fellow New Hampshirite and Deep thinker, Doug Muder, on things around Life and Death, and living and dying... do give it a read (or a listen, I did both as a read-along)... I LOVED being introduced to Hosea Ballou, and this bit from Dougs writing about Ballou's thought:

"the truly marvelous life is one aligned with the power of love. He pictured perfect love streaming down from God onto each individual, who can then reflect God's love into the world. Far from being sweet, sin smudges your mirror; it breaks your transmission of God's love."

This is PERFECT!

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