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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Doorway

what a wonderful coincidence!

Ive been following MysticSaint's blog (Inspirations and Creative Thoughts) for several months now, and Ive just posted my first comment there- it is a marvelously rich and love poured work of Sufi inspiration...

and today, we find talk of the doorway! "We are a door that’s never locked" How fun!

so, I shared my poeticized version of part of one of my postings below, that now Im obliged to put it here too- although, I keep repeating this, "its still in draft form" ... (I guess now, its not a draft any longer ... sometimes poems will whisper to the pen, "ready or not, here I come!")

the only way to convey
a truth-completely-seen,
is to BE that truth,

one must be like a janitor
one may have the keys to a truth
but it is just a doorway-
the only job for the one
who has seen the other side
is to leave the door

if the truth
from the other side
should be pulled into the hall
for delivery
then our poor janitor has failed
at his job-
treating the contents of
that truth
as his own property, and
as such, he
has stolen it away

this is how it is to create
hierarchy, out of that
which was never subject to it

-the truth

it cannot be a
proper stewardship of truth,
to make the truth one's own
to enter into the debate

the true janitor
opens the door
and leaves

our participants in the hall
are to find the doorway
for themselves-
to go through

there is a great humility to being the janitor
this is what makes him the “keeper”
of truth… the debators
may have clever means
for “success”
at their disposal
but for their sadness
they may never come upon the truth
(we will only get to see
what we've come to find
in our debate-
more of our own “not enough”)…

this is why
the janitor
is found to be
mumbling to himself-

his conversation has been
with unseen
unknown things, that others
in the hall
have yet to discover

and too, Ill repost this note:

the image (and thus, the word) of Janitor keeps coming to me by way of its etymology:

1584, "an usher, doorkeeper," from L. janua "door," from janus "arched passageway"

and so,

Janus: ancient It. deity, guardian god of portals, patron of beginnings and endings, 1508, from L., lit. "gate, arched passageway," perhaps from PIE base *ei- "to go" (cf. Skt. yanah "path," O.C.S. jado "to travel"). He is shown as having two faces, one in front the other in back. His temple in Rome was closed only in times of peace.

the metaphor is so utterly rich- the "two faces" being a metaphor for that which has no opposites, or the mirror within oneself, if you like...

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