I have friends who are Quakers, friends who are Unitarian Universalists, friends who Dialogue in the Bohmian tradition, friends who are Mystics, friends who are Poets, and so many other friends who live lives of wisdom and wonder... this is my account of the meeting with these friends...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Contemplation and Action

In response to a conversation at Forest Wisdom

There is a way between voice and presence

where information flows

in disciplined silence, it opens

with wandering talk, it closes

~Jalal ad-Din Rumi

I think often, as human beings, we miss flow-ways of communication that are very active in our lives... often, the "need to DO something" can interfere with ones listening, which itself would be doing a great deal more-

and I think we potentially could be more open to our relationship to time and distance, not taking it at "face value"- that is, at minds first measurement of what those things are...

I know the academics would get all up in arms over this one (you cannot prove a negative and all that) but as a pointer to what Rumi was speaking of in his poem, I would challenge to see some 'proof', that buddhist monks meditating in the Himalayas RIGHT NOW, are NOT in fact what is holding the world together for us...

I know, I know- its wrong... Im just saying, its a pointer to something that we dont commonly allow for...

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